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Bert Hakvoort, Tollebeek "Total Sale" Attention 2 pigeons in 1 lot. Part 1


Name TopPigeons
Location Oude Tonge
Country The Netherlands
Telephone 0639854806
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End date 7/3/2022 3:30 PM
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Bert Hakvoort, Tollebeek

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Attention:  2 pigeons in 1 lot



It has been a while since we visited Bert Hakvoort in Tollebeek, located next to Urk. The reason for our visit was to discuss the total sale of all pigeons. Bert's health has not been good for a long time and that is why he decided at the time to give up the entire colony. Bert's health is now somewhat better and this is mainly due to other medicines. But it remains to watch out for Bert and he should certainly not force anything. The lofts are still there and he even bred some youngsters (from 1 obtained couple) and got a few more youngsters from pigeon friends. This way he can still enjoy some pigeons flying around.


In this sale the entire collection comes along and not a single pigeon has been kept behind or gone to others. There are several very special pigeons in this group. Such as a few direct pigeons from the late Bennie de Vries. These come through Nanne Wolff. The pedigree is unknown to Nanne Wolff, but they come from Bennie's best pigeons. The real connoisseurs appreciate these pigeons and they have also brought great successes to Nanne Wolff and Bert Hakvoort. BRONZE WARRIOR comes out of such a direct from Bennie de Vries. And that BRONZE WARRIOR is a beautiful, powerful hen from 2018 and she won, among other things, the 3rd National Bergerac. Both the sire of BRONZE WARRIOR and she herself can be seen in this sale.


Also for sale are several direct pigeons from Coen Brugman, Mark v.d. Berg, Theo Streefkerk and Jan Grootoonk. In this sale you see 27 pigeons that themselves have won 1 or more prizes in the marathon. In short, take advantage of this auction and try to get something for your own marathon breeding loft.



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