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Jac. Steketee, offers direct out of his Jan Aarden family part 1


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Jac. Steketee from Bruinisse

The pearl of Dutch long distance pigeon racing.

Co-founder of the worldwide fame of the Dutch long distance pigeon based on the Steenbergen long distance strain. At the basis of numerous long distance wins and still present in the pedigrees of many of the current Barcelona toppers!

He is the treasure keeper of the Jan Cools (Jan Aarden) strain.








Hundreds of fanciers all over the world have had success with his strain!



Icons and pure strains are important for the Dutch long distance sport.

Dominate role for the Steenbergen strain (origin Jan Aarden)





Many now seem to have forgotten how big the contribution was of some of the lofts with the ‘Steenbergen’ distance strain was in building most of the current top lofts for the extreme long distance (Marathon).

More than a half century ago it was Jan Aarden, helped by Piet de Weerd, who blended a fantastic strain of his own by means of crossbreeding excellent pigeons along with birds of Piet de Weerd. He raced well himself but he acquired name and fame later on due to the performances retained after his birds were introduced to other lofts.

Many of the leading fanciers in the town of Steenbergen started working with these pigeons. These birds were often obtained via swapping or exchange for doing odd jobs for the Hotel Owned Jan Aarden.

Steenbergen was the 1st place in the world that almost all the fanciers exclusively participated in the marathon races. This broad specialism and the extremely tough selection from the 1000 km. races meant it led to the birth of what is commonly known as the world famous Steenbergen Strain of Jan Aarden.

Fanciers like Ligtenberg, Van der Wegen, v/d Par, Bakker Jan Cools, Marijn Van Geel, Meesters, Oostenrijk, Texier, Bakker Barendregt, Van Schilt etc etc. would create a furore with them. Later, Piet Lazeroms purchased the contents of most of those lofts

At the time most fanciers believed that strain building was important and that the proper way was closely related family breeding (inbreeding). This Jan Aarden sort, the Steenbergen strain or whatever you want to call it, was an important basis for the Dutch long distance strain. Along with Theelen (Hermans) – Van Wanroy it formed the pillars on which the worldwide fame of the Dutch long distance pigeon rests!

Via many lines this strain still runs through the current top lofts. For instance, just think of the following examples:

Thanks to the Klamper (Piet Lazeroms), Cor de Heijde built his marathon dynasty.

Via Van Schilt, the foundation was laid by Wim Müller for his Barcelona sort. Müller bloodlines were present in the NL Barcelona winners of 2015 and 2016! In the latter, there was also the bloodlines of Steketee just like the 1st International Barcelona Ace Pigeon 2015-2016 of Frans Bungeneers!

Partly via Oostenrijk and the Müller birds via Moerman, the Brugemann Brothers created a world-famous Barcelona sort that had the Orhan and Myra as flag bearers of the loft.

The addition of the Texier birds are still making the headlines for Cees vd Laan

The sort belonging to Jan Cools (Baker by trade and friend of Jan Aarden ) is still very much alive in the loft of Ko van Dommelen and via his Zwart Goud in the loft of Jelle Jellema

The Van Geel sort was the origin that via Van Loenhout came to the Van Houten Bros. who eventually won International Barcelona with their NELLIE.

Batenburg via his WITBUIK (Bakker Barendregt)

The sort of Toon Ligtenberg acquired by Nice Volkens partly via Sam de Jong and formed his world renowned BONT KOPPEL (Pied Couple).

The “Super van Geel” directly from Van Geel made the headlines for the Limburg Brothers.

And we could go on and on for a lot longer. Nowadays the old strains still form the foundation for the current Dutch long distance pigeon. Naturally a certain evolution has taken place and through thorough thrifting, the introduction of some faster distance birds and further specialism, the type of pigeon has changed, but for the improvement and retention of the strain, the toughness of these old inbred lines are still very important.

It has become very difficult to find suitable inbreeding material. The art of breeding with closely related family and the building of a strain/sort has fallen out of favour. The shortest road to success seems to be the crossbreeding of inbred strains. Good x good. Many of the current champions do it successfully! From a good basis, the best is paired to the best.

There are still a few fanciers that still use old fashioned inbreeding of closely related birds to meet their objectives. Just think of the likes of Wim Müller Aarden van Schilt), Nico Volkens (Bonte Koppel and Theelen), Jan Ernest, Cor de Heijde, Ko van Dommelen and last but not least, Jac Steketee from Bruinisse (Jan Cools).

It is no coincidence at all, that the addition of their inbred strain to the lofts of other fancier has often led to numerous top results being recorded.

Jac. Steketee of Bruinisse.



Stock Bird number 1: 02-0213065, the “Zilverpenne”, a fantastic breeder and brother of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th National and sire to the “Ace Pigeon Barcelona”, sire to the: 68th, 158th, 415th, 645th, 835th, 838th, 1063rd National Barcelona

Grandfather: 97-0085658, Van der Wegen. The male half of the Super Couple. Sire to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Nat.

Grandsire to the 68th, 158th, 645th, 835th, 838th, 1063rd Nat. Barcelona

Grandmother: 98-9803011, the hen of the Super Couple. Dam to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Nat. Grandmother of the 68th, 158th, 645th, 835th, 838th, 1063rd Nat. Barcelona




Stock Bird number 2: 06-0703135, “Son Jonge Pau”, won himself some good prizes from the marathon races including a 36th Nat. St. Vincent against 18.668 birds.

Sire: 01-0103180, the “Jonge Pau”, an absolute top racing pigeon. Won:.

64th - 6303 Nat. Bergerac

86th - 20296 Nat. St. Vincent

132nd - 3077 Nat. Pau

344th - 3571 Nat. Pau

81st - 2413 Nat. Pau.

He is a grandson of the magnificent breeder known as the Marseille (4th Nat. Marseille).

Dam: 99-9971711, the “Donkere Kweekster”, dam to the 36th Nat. St. Vincent and grandmother of the 68th, 514th and 645th Nat. Barcelona.




Son Jonge Pau


Stock Bird number 3: 08-3802844, the “Ace Pigeon Barcelona”, winner:


68th, 82th, 518th, 645th Nat. Barcelona

378th Nat. Pau and 679th Nat. Narbonne.

Sire: 02-0213065, the “Zilverpenne”, a fantastic breeder and brother of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th National and sire to the “Ace Pigeon Barcelona”.

Dam: 04-0409601, mother of the “Ace Pigeon Barcelona”, and herself a half-sister of the 36th Nat. St. Vincent.

Granddaughter of the Super Couple.

Grandfather: 06-0703135, “Son Jonge Pau”, won some good prizes himself from the marathon races including a 36th Nat. St. Vincent against 18.668 birds.

Grandmother: 09-3903379, the “Completa”, a stock hen of Jac. Steketee and granddaughter of the “Zilverpenne”.




Barcelona acepigeon with his lady


Stock Bird number 4: 09-3903357, Barcelona Crack. A Wonderful racing pigeon who won:

54th Nat. Narbonne, 66th, 869th, 585th Nat. Barcelona, 152nd, 429th Nat. Pau, 534th, 734th Nat. Perpignan, 722nd Nat. Bordeaux.

Sire: 08-3802905 (Stayer x Den Pau).

Dam: 08-3802920, (Stayer x Marseille)

Top Hens

10-3002740, “Surprise”. Daughter of the 36th Nat. St. Vincent and the 128th Nat. Montauban, granddaughter 64th, 81st, 86th and 132nd.

09-3903379, the “Completa”, stock hen of Jac. Steketee and a granddaughter of the “Zilverpenne”.

To close: unique chance and the circle is complete. is offering you the opportunity to purchase the best of this strain in an auction of 3 parts!

Jac. Steketee stands at the basis of hundreds of top successes worldwide. The fanciers behind the website owe so much to him!

Jan Polder acquired his renowned basis pigeons from him and Piet de Vogel acquired the absolute grandfather of his loft, named the “Jonge Stayer

We are once again proud to announce that we have an exclusive auction of youngsters of Jac. Steketee for you this winter on, bred from the best of his inbred Jan Aarden Cools strain!

Unique in the world and forever actual.

Grasp the opportunity with both hands!

The sex of the youngsters cannot be guaranteed for 100%





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Average price € 371.47/pigeon

1 - NL15-3502843 - Son Barcelona, won 68, 82, 518, 645 nat. Barcelona

x daughter phenomenal Zilverpe


€ 1,100.-

2/18/2018 3:00 PM

3 - NL13-3303129 - Son Jonge Pau x the Completa.


€ 210.-

2/18/2018 3:00 PM

4 - NL15-3502866 - Grandson “de Zilverpenne”

father 68, 82, 518, nat.BARC


€ 220.-

2/18/2018 3:10 PM

5 - NL16-3608529 - Grandson “de Zilverpenne”

father 68, 82,518,645nat.BARC


€ 550.-

2/18/2018 3:00 PM

10 - NL13-3351674


€ 350.-

2/18/2018 3:10 PM

13 - NL17-3749782 - Jan Ernest, Golden Barcelona, 15 and 16 nat.

x granddaughter Jonge Pau.


€ 170.-

2/18/2018 3:00 PM

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