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When the brothers Nico and Louis stepped into the pigeon sport in the early seventies of the last century, they had only one goal in mind: breed good pigeons that can compete with everything and everyone in the races. Like most fanciers, they too started on the program races. Not without merit because they soon became the men to beat. Many titles were awarded to them. And at some point they moved their dot on the horizon and the marathon races became their new goal.



Here too it was clear to the competition that the Wassenaarse Vollebregts were formidable competitors when it comes to delivering good performances.

Not just any performance, but performances that speak to the imagination. The goal of Louis, Nico and Ruth was to breed ace pigeons that are among the best over several races. Even more challenging was the aim to have pigeons that score high in the ace pigeon classifications both nationally and internationally.  The fact that they succeeded in a relatively short time was proven by them with the achievement of ace pigeon titles over several races in a year, but also with pigeons that for example, scored seven years in a row on the same flight, Barcelona.


Many people are happy to receive a nice prize from Barcelona. In the lofts of Team Vollebregt houses class boxes that may be crowned over the years to the very best on Barcelona.


The first in line is:


“De Kilometervreter”  - Netherlands Best Barcelona pigeon over 7 years (2009 – 2015) 


He also won:

1e European Ace Pigeon 2009 Pipa Ranking Best Barcelona pigeon Netherlands 2009 – 2015 (7 of 7) 1e Barcelona pigeon Netherlands 2009 – 2014
2e Barcelona pigeon Netherlands 2009 – 2013 |
5e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Barcelona 316 p. 2010
12e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Marseille 242 p. 2011

12e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Barcelona 351 p. 2014

16e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Barcelona 364 p. 2009

22e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Barcelona 445 p. 2011

26e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Marseille 204 p. 2009

30e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Perpignan 319 p. 2009

40e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Marseille 197 p. 2010

53e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Barcelona 454 p. 2013

63e Department 12 “De Kuststrook” Barcelona 454 p. 2012

97e nat. Barcelona 7.016 p. 2010

261e nat. Perpignan 6.507 p. 2009

350e nat. Barcelona 8042 p. 2009

398e nat. Barcelona 7.046 p. 2011

463e nat. Barcelona 5.423 p. 2014

470e nat. Pau 2.751 p. 2009

544e nat. Marseille 3.999 p. 2009

548nat. Barcelona 5.423 p. 2015

602e nat. Marseille 3.248 p. 2010
870e nat. Barcelona 6.429 p. 2013
1088e nat. Barcelona 6.429 p. 2012


Better cannot be found. And he is not a stranger: his father is “Zoon Japanner”  of Gebr. Kuijpers en father of many top racers! Son of the “Japanner” who in Japan was bred by Hiroshi Kijima from “De Joop” M. Biemans, best long distance pigeon of all time with 6x top 44 national and grandfather “Invincible Spirit”, 1e int. nat. Barcelona 27.158 p. x “Beatrix” Gebr. Kuypers, 1e nat. St. Vincent and 2e nat. Dax and 2x winner of a car) x “Kleindochter Barcelona”.

Better Barcelona pigeons cannot be found.
In lot 12 is a gorgeous hen from this tyrant, coupled with a daughter of “De Nieuwe Tarzan” x daughter “Napoleon”, two toppers such as these are rare to find.


Number two in line is


“De Nieuwe Tarzan” – 1e national Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2012-2015 and 2012-2016


Besides the many ace pigeon titles he won on the tough 2016 Barcelona the 21e national (49e international and that at a distance of 1.211 km.


Further winner of:

1e Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2012-2015

1e Nat. Ace Pigeon  ZLU Barcelona 2012-2016

99e Nat. Barcelona 6909 p. 2013

130e Nat. Barcelona 5423 p. 2014

308e Nat. Barcelona 6392 p. 2012

601e Nat. Barcelona 5183 p. 2015


But also:
1e Barcelona Masters 2014

2e Golden Barcelona Pigeon 2014
2e, 3e and 5e Internat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2012-2016 ... 2012-2015 and 2012-2014 and also won 130e and 596e Nat. Pau ... 559e Nat. Marseille etc.

In this auction (lot 4) a beautiful young cock from when he was mated to a full sister of his mother.

In short: golden Barcelona-blood !


Number 3:


“Zoon Japanner” – base sire of the loft Vollebregt


Father of many toppers, bought direct from the Gebr. Kuijpers. Together with the “88-duivin” the “Super Couple”. Is o.a. father of “Blauwe Pau” ... “88” ... “Nico” and naturally “De Kilometervreter”, 1e European Ace Pigeon 2009 ... 1e nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2009-2014 and 2009-2015 ... 2e nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2009-2013 ... 97-350-398-463-548-870-1088e nat. Barcelona 7 years in a row ... 261e nat. Perpignan ... 470e nat. Pau ... 544e and 602e nat. Marseille etc.


In this auction in lot 1 a beautiful offering:
a dark checker cock is offered from ‘Zoon Japanner” coupled to a daughter of “Super Couple” from “Zoon Japanner” x ’88-duivin”.
This may be the last chance to get something from this tyrant.


A new star in the lofts in Wassenaar is:


“Hercules” – won in his young career (2015 – 2018) all 7 prizes on tough Z.L.U.-races


stems from one of the other pillars of the loft of Vollebregt and is grandson “De Witstaart” x “De Goede Kweekster” o.a. mother of the super pigeon “De Baksteen” who in 2017 was crowned the 1e  National Ace Pigeon Z.L.U. over all races and 1e  International Ace Pigeon  - as the only pigeon in Europe with - 4 prizes on the international races!

“Hercules  further scored:
1e Ace Pigeon NIC 1542

1e Champion Pigeon 2016 NIC 1542

1e Ace Pigeon Samenspel Leiden e.o.

6e Ace Pigeon Department 5

9e Ace Pigeon Sector 2 North and South-Holland

11e Agen Z.L.U. 326 p.

11e Carcasonne 163 p.

12e St. Vincent 171 p.

14e Ace Pigeon  National Agen 2016 – 2018

17e Narbonne 197 d.

18e Asduif National Z.L.U.

22e  Asduif  National Agen 2015 – 2018

39e nat. Agen 6.219 p. 2017

101e Agen Z.L.U. 1.192 p.

In lot 5 a young cock from this enormous talent coupled with a daughter of “De Kilometervreter”, a pure ace pigeon pairing.


Even thought Team Vollebregt is the owner of many superior (ace)pigeons, the best is not good enough. They always keep looking for better pigeons. And how better to find it than by studying the national and international results. Louis spends many hours on this next to his busy work, and once a goal is in his sights he does not rest until the new acquisition is present in the breeding loft.


For example, various purchases have been made in recent years, starting with:

1. “Vale Barca” – (Combination Montulet)  13e national and 35e international Barcelona 2016

But also:

49e nat. Narbonne 5.338 p. 2015
108e int. nat. Narbonne 10.732 p. 2015
141e nat. Perpignan 4.027 p. 2016
290e Afdeling Limoges 3.480 p. 2015
327e nat. Barcelona 6.909 p. 2013
340e nat. Bordeaux 4.226 p. 2012
504e int. nat. Perpignan 12.689 p. 2016
933e int. nat. Barcelona 25.294 p. 2013
1186e int. nat. Bordeaux 10.622 p. 2012
5202e int. nat. Barcelona 21.169 p. 2014

“Vale Barca”  forms a couple with a daughter of the legendary “Napoleon”, won on his own the title 2e Marathon Champion morning Stichting Marathon Noord (SMN) but also:
1e Ace Pigeon national TopPigeons Z.L.U. Fondspiegel 2014 – 2015
1e Ace Pigeon national TopPigeons Z.L.U. Fondspiegel 2013 – 2015
1e Ace Pigeon national TopPigeons Z.L.U. Fondspiegel 2012 – 2015
1e Ace Pigeon Marathon Noord 2013 – 2015
1e Ace Pigeon Department 12 “De Kuststrook” 2015
1e Ace Pigeon Department 12 “De Kuststrook” 2014
1e Ace Pigeon “NIC 1542” 2015
1e Ace Pigeon “NIC 1542” 2014
4e Ace Pigeon Samenspel North and South Holland 2015
6e Ace Pigeon Samenspel North and South Holland 2014
9e Ace Pigeon national Z.L.U. 2014
10e Ace Pigeon national Z.L.U. 2015
21e Ace Pigeon international 2015
43e Ace Pigeon international 2014
57e nat. Marseille 4899 p. 2014
79e  nat. Barcelona 5183 p. 2015
189e nat. Perpignan 5589 p. 2015
251e nat. Marseille 3610 p. 2015
337e nat. Barcelona 5423 p. 2014
503e nat. Narbonne 4515 p. 2013
597e nat. Perpignan 6414 p. 2014

In this sale (lot 13) a silver cock from the pairing “Vale Barca” x daughter “Napoleon”, absolute super class.

2. “De Barcelona 2” - (Frans Sliedregt) 12e national and 21e international Barcelona 2015

Further won:
389e National Pau 2012
485e National Bordeaux 2010
587e National Bordeaux 2011
556e National Marseille 2011
757e National St. Vincent 2012
1144e National Perpignan 2012

Is special paired with a daughter of “Barcelona 872” of the Belgian combination Nouwen – Paesen from Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2006 – 2008 (o.a. 31e national) x granddaughter 1e international Barcelona 2004.

The best of the best for Barcelona brought together. Youngsters from this couple are in lots 5 and 8.

3. “Manuel” - (Gebr. Gommans) 4e national and 13 international 2016


Won in 2015 also 654e Nat. Perpignan 5589 d.

“Manuel” has the Barcelona genes is no stranger. In his pedigree we see: “Brother Samurai”, granddaughter “Samurai” and “Samurai” won 1994 1e national Barcelona and also mother’s side  o.a. the Barcelona-blood via the 9e national Barcelona of Thei van  de Riet.

“Manuel” is paired together with a daughter of the “Super Couple” from “Zoon Japanner” x ’88-duivin”.

In lot 9 a young cock from “Manuel’ x daughter “Super Koppel”.

From their own breeding loft:



  1. “De Genaaide” – 10x prizes national with 5x Barcelona and 4x Perpignan


Crowned 22e National Ace Pigeon Barcelona over 4 years,  wins o.a. 429e National Barcelona, 528e National Barcelona, 738e National Barcelona, 250e National Perpignan.

“De Genaaide” is son “Perpi-Jander” from son 1e international Perpignan 2007 x daughter 1e national Dax coupled to “Bonte Kweekmoedertje” daughter “Barcelona-duivin” with 4 prizes national Barcelona.


In lot 3 a beautiful cock from “De Genaaide” with as the mother “Napolitana” daughter of halfbrother great “Napoleon” x super breeder the “88-duivin”.



  1. Grandson “De Brie” – super breeder


Is grandson of the legendary “Brive”, “Brive” won 1e national NPO Brive 2002 7.707 p.

The “Brive” subsequently emerged as a superior breeder and descendants have won o.a. 1e international Narbonne hens  2017. “Kleinzoon Brive” is by Team Vollebregt o.a. father of 31e and 126e national Bordeaux.


In lots 7 and 14 is grandson “De Brive” coupled to “Blauwe Wijnands” o.a. mother of 1e national Marseille 2017.



  1. “Bonte Koos” – top racer and proen breeder

“Bonte Koos” won as yearling 113e national Narbonne and is already father of 4 year old 21e  national 2018 by Combination Hartog on a distance of 1234 km.
The nestsister of “Bonte Koos” won 74e national Barcelona 2018 on a distance of 1216 km.

“Bonte Koos” gifted with hereditary Barcelona genes!

In lot 6 the chance to get something out of this great breeding talent paired to daughter of “halfbrother Napoleon” x  the super breeder “88-duivin”.



  1. “Blauwe Barca” – George Carteus


The “Blauwe Barca” is a grandson of “De Barcelona 026” who 7x in a row won a prize from Barcelona coupled with a granddaughter of the line of “Bonte Barcelona” and the legendary “Limoges” of George Carteus. Winners blood in pure form!

The “Blauwe Barca” is here paired to a daughter of the “Super Couple” from “Zoon Japanner” x ’88-duivin”. This daughter ”Super Couplel” is o.a. full sister 9e national Pau, 23e national Narbonne, 49e national St. Vincent.


In lot 10 a beautiful blue white flight hen.


To conclude this overview of the tyrants of Team Vollebregt attention is left for:


De Knetsch” -  brother “Annet” 1e national Barcelona 2005

but also son of Myline” 4e national Barcelona 1999, brother of 11e and 40e nat. Barcelona, 2e nat. St. Vincent etc. Also brother of “Brother Annet” (son “Ramses” x “Mylene” (4e nat. Barcelona) and full brother of “Annet”, 1e nat. Barcelona by Willem v.d. Velden) x “Daughter Simba” (from “Simba” or the halfbrother “Annet” Willem v.d. Velden x “Laatje 2000” Knetsch).


AND: grandfather of “De Nieuwe Tarzan” with 1e national Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2012-2015 and 2012-2016, 21e national Barcelona (49e international and on a distance of 1.211 km.). Further winner of: 1e National Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2012-2015, 1e National Ace Pigeon ZLU Barcelona 2012-2016, 99e national Barcelona 6909 p. 2013, 130e national Barcelona 5423 . 2014, 308e national Barcelona 6392 p. 2012, 601e national Barcelona 5183 p. 2015.

But also: 1e Barcelona Masters 2014, 2e Golden Barcelona pigeon  2014, 2e, 3e and 5e international  Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2012-2016 ... 2012-2015 and 2012-2014 and also won 130e and 596e national Pau, 559e national Marseille etc.


In this pairing (lot 11) he is together with a daughter of “Annemarie” 1e national overall,  1e international hens and 2e international  Marseille 2014.


A wonderful conclusion to an offer of young breeding pigeons from national and international ace pigeons, toppers on the long races and especially the international queens flight: Barcelona. An offer that you rarely come across.


Grab your chance.  Good luck.



Verkoopbegeleiding: Hans Bodelier – Echt


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