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14 - NL12-1485384 - Ronald Geerdink2 Perpignanduivin 18e Nat.Perpignan

Offered by TopPigeons

Ring NL12-1485384
Name Ronald Geerdink2 Perpignanduivin 18e Nat.Perpignan
Colour Checker
Sex Hen
Pedigree Ronald Geerdink2 Perpignanduivin 18e Nat.Perpignan
Lot number 14
Start bid € 150.-
Current bid € 1,300.-  
Start date 11/3/2019 6:00:00 PM
End date 11/17/2019 12:00 PM
Remaining time

Voordat u biedingen uit kunt brengen dient u eerst ingelogd te zijn.

Lot 1 NL12-1485384 checker hen, Perpignanduivin 18e Nat. Perpignan and  4 times in a row a prize on Barcelona! Direct Jos Pepping!
The ‘Perpignanduivin’,12-1485384 flew 9 prizes on the extreme long distance, where 4 x in a row from National Barcelona. Over 4 years the ‘Perpignanduivin’ is 17e Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2019!
She is a daughter of ‘Stien’  who was himself the best pigeon of Marathon Noord with a 15-17-30-42 and 53 National over three years and 14 prizes won on the extreme long distance! This character pigeon has the class of her father in her. In the very tough Barcelona of 2017 she arrived at 11 minutes past ten in the evening and won the 129e National. Four years in a row she won prizes in the very tough Barcelona’s and possibly in the toughest Perpignan ever she won 18e national 3.778 pigeons, 54e international against 12.339 pigeons and 17e international hens against 3.065 pigeons.
Sire 06-2075595 is the ‘Stien’ who flew by Jos Pepping 14 prizes on the morning and afternoon releases. Was Ace Pigeon Marathon Noord with five prizes in the first 12 of the province against an average of 2.960 pigeons!!!
2007   Tarbes                       17     5.210 pigeons                         
2008   St. Vincent               15     5.201
2008   Montauban              30     8.307
2009   Bordeaux                  42    13.393                   
2010   St. Vincent               53     5.336
The ‘Stien’ is father of 13e  Nat. Marseille, 18e Nat. Perpignan and grandfather of 1e Nat. St. Vincent hens!
Dam 10-1545070 flew by Jos Pepping the 30e  and 52e  National. Her sister the ‘071’ flew as a yearling the 15e National Bergerac. The 10-1545070 is a daughter of the famous ‘Kras Kweker’ who is father of 7-11-15-30-51-51-58-65-65 National and grandfather of 1e International Agen 2013 (Jos Pepping), 1e International Pau 2018 (Pieter Woord) and 4e International Perpignan 2018 (Jaap Mazee).
The 10-1545070 is herself mother of 18e National Perpignan 2018!
De Perpignanduivin with 4 prizes in a row from Barcelona and 18e National on a very hard Perpignan 2018! Top line Jos Pepping!!!

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