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103 - NL17-1377435 - Ronald Geerdink8, inbred Zwart Goud Jelle Jellema

and breeder Kiara offered by TopPigeons

Ring NL17-1377435
Name Ronald Geerdink8, inbred Zwart Goud Jelle Jellema
Colour Blue
Sex Cock
Pedigree Ronald Geerdink8, inbred Zwart Goud Jelle Jellema
Lot number 103
Start bid € 150.-
Current bid € 300.-  
Start date 11/3/2019 6:00:00 PM
End date 11/17/2019 6:00 PM
Remaining time

Voordat u biedingen uit kunt brengen dient u eerst ingelogd te zijn.

Lot 103

NL17-1377435 Blue cock, inbred Zwart Goud Jelle Jellema with top racer and breeder Kiara!

The ‘435’, known as ‘Blauwe Jelle’ flew 15e NIC Perigieux and 31e IFC Marseille 2019. This young cock is a beautiful pure Jellema from lines of ‘Zwart Goud’ and ‘Dochter Kiara’.
Sire is 13-1755989 breeder of Ronald Geerdink direct Jelle Jellema from ‘Zoon Zwart Goud’ and line ‘Saffier’.
Dam is 15-1321177 is a daughter of ‘Kiara’ who is a daughter of ‘Zwart Goud’ and is a granddaughter of ‘Orion’ and ‘Silvie’.
‘Kiara’ flew by Jelle Jellema:
24e Nat. Limoges 2011
64e NPO Perigieux 2007
69e Nat. Orange
The ‘Kiara’ was coupled to a son of the world famous ‘Orion’ with 6e  and 7e National to his credit and is o.a. father of ‘Nirvana’, ‘Iceman’, ‘Witstaart’ etc. This ‘Zoon Orion’ coupled to ‘Silvie’ 3e Int. Barcelona 2014, 48e Nat. Marseille, 61e Nat. Orange, 116e Nat. Perpignan etc.
‘Kiara’ is mother of:
21e NPO Ruffec
35e Nat. Perpignan
is grandmother of:
6e Nat. Bergerac 2014
9e Nat. Bergerac 2015
3e NPO Ruffec 2014
8e NPO Ruffec 2014 and of ‘Limogesduifje’ of Jan Grootoonk from Bant who in 2014 National Limoges sector 4 lived up to his name!!!
The best of Pepping and of Jellema in this great ‘Blauwe Jelle’!
Pay attention! Inbred Zwart Goud and Kiara Jelle Jellema, mother/grandmother 3e NPO Ruffec, 4e Nat. Limoges, 6e Nat. Bergerac, 8e NPO Ruffec, 9e Nat. Bergerac etc.!!!


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