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2 - NL19-1639749 - Gebr. Hagens, Inbreed "Gijs" 7th Nat. Barcelona

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Ring NL19-1639749
Name Gebr. Hagens, Inbreed "Gijs" 7th Nat. Barcelona
Colour Checker w.f.
Sex Hen
Pedigree Gebr. Hagens, Inbreed "Gijs" 7th Nat. Barcelona
Lot number 2
End bid € 650.-  
End date 1/26/2020 4:10 PM

Lot 2

NL 19-1639749 "Inbreeding Gijs" 7th Nat. Barcelona


Ring number NL19-1639749

Name Inbreed "Gijs" 7th Nat. Barcelona



Father is Son "Gijs" (7th Nat. Barcelona ’13 / 25th Intern. Barcelona ’13 etc.) and one

Half brother of, among others, 44th Nat. Agen last. Z.L.U. "17

50th Nat. Bergerac S2 ’17

69th Nat. Bordeaux S2 "19

94th Nat. Agen-old Z.L.U. etc.

Father is from "Gijs" x "Sister Rosita"

"Gijs" won ao .:

7th Nat. Barcelona 2013 6,909 p.

25th Internat.Barcelona 2013 25,382 p.

257th Nat.St.Vincent S2 2012 4,858 p.


ROSITA won ao

7th Nat. Barcelona 2009 8,042 p.

5th Nat. Barcelona (dv) 2009 2,424 p.

12th Int. Barcelona 2009 27,630 p.

8th Int. Barcelona (dv) 2009 7,636 p.

98th Nat. Marseille 2008 4,539 p.

18th Nat. Marseille (dv) 2008 1,022 p.

296th Int. Marseille 2008 13,938 p.

50th Int. Marseille (dv) 2008 2,758 p.



Mother is a daughter of Gijs and Ranomi. (7th and 14th Nat. Barcelona)

She is a half-sister of "Pippa", "Joe" and "Sjinkie".


"Pippa" won: 36th Nat. Agen-old Z.L.U. 2018 5,754 p.

"Joe" won: 76th Nat. Dax S2 2018, 240th Nat. Agen S2 2017 and 826th Nat. Perigueux S2 2018

"Sjinkie" won:

186th Nat. Agen S2 2019

251st Nat. Cahors S2 2019

440th Nat. St. Vincent 2018

"Ranomi" won ao .:

14th Nat. Barcelona 2012 6,393 p.

41st Internat. Barcelona 2012 25,348 p.

5th Nat. Barcelona Hens 2012 2,087 p.

11th Internat. Barcelona Hens 2012 7,024 p.


The father of "Ranomi" is "Grandson 404" from Sam de Jong and the

mother of "Ranomi" is "Granddaughter Incest Abor" by Jan Hooymans.

In short, Gijs and Ranomi, pure Barcelona type!

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