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Jan Polder

Berkenhof 22
3241ba Middelharnis
The Netherlands
Jan with 2 Aarden tufts
Victoria, 1st. national St. Vincent 2005 and 7th national 2004
Rainbow Warrior, 3rd. and 7th. nat. St. Vincent and 8th. nat. Mont de Marsan 2003
"de Batenburg duivin" mother Husky and Victoria, Big Brother, Bonte Beer and Meissie
Golden Doubble winner Barcelona 2005
Black Magic Woman, 1st. international acepigeon Pau 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008
The Barcelona crack "220", 11 long distance prices. 8 times basketed for Barcelona, 6 times price .
Husky and de Witstaart, a 1st. national and a 1st. international acepigeon
Jan Polder Middelharnis
Long distance pigeons

Middelharnis, the residence of Jan Polder, has been a well-known name in pigeon racing for years, as far as overnight long-distance flights are concerned. Ko Nipius created a furore there, Piet v.d. Slik won the 1st National Barcelona and Joep van Dongen and Gebr. Vroegindeweij established their names for ever in pigeon racing. They, too, were the ones who bought pigeons directly from Jan Aarden in Steenbergen and have made Middelharnis into a stronghold of Aarden pigeons, that is unequalled anywhere in the world. This rich history of pigeon-stronghold Middelharnis is being continued into the new century by Jan Polder, and once again with the indestructible Jan Aarden pigeons, crossbred with the best of Wanrooy’s at the basis.

Then and Now
After his marriage Jan started at the long-distance in 1985 with 15 pigeons, bought from Jac. Steketee in Bruinisse. Each of them were from his toppigeons of those days, based on the Aarden-van Wanrooij bloodlines. These pigeons were kept for breeding, and later on it turned out that Jan had made the purchase of his lifetime. Within 5 odd years Jan had made himself a name in western-European pigeon racing with a series of excellent results, like the 3rd Nat. Barcelona, 5th and 9th Nat. Marseille, 8th Nat. Perpignan, 9th Nat. San Sebastian, etc. The price percentages he scored were incredibly high.
With these pigeons a heavily inbred stock was made. The external characteristics of these pigeons were their great charisma, rich and soft feathers and unequalled eyes. The invisible qualities of these pigeons are undoubtedly their enormous character and great breeding value. The ‘dried droppings method’ gave these pigeons a high natural resistance.
Inbreeding to extremes and culling strictly created a stock of pigeons which could be crossbred with other strains in an excellent way. One success after the other was achieved by crossbreeding with pigeons from the Brinkman strain and Catrijsses. Furthermore, the results of crossbreeding with Brügemann Bros.’ are very promising.

The period 1985-2014 knew countless highlights, with 2 national victories (St. Vincent and Marseille), (inter) national ACE pigeon titles and a load to Championships.

In the extremely tough year 2014 was exceptionally performed culminating in the national victory from Marseille (2nd international and 1st International hens).

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At other lofts pigeons with Polderblood prove to be very successful as well. A pick from the results:
- 1st national Marseille
- 2nd national Limoges
- 2nd national Barcelona
- 3rd national Perpignan
- 3rd national St. Vincent
- 3rd national Mont de Marsan
- 5th national Bergerac
- 1st prov. Bordeaux
- 1st prov. Marseille

- 1st ace pigeon overnight Noord en Zuid Holland
- 1st national ace pigeon ZLU, internat. flights

Personal advice
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