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Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/11/2019

Coen van Haarlem, Barcelona topper, from Ulft (v/h Terborg),



Sells from their Top racers and breeders



2017 was the year that Coen van Haarlem produced his 4e and 7e national Barcelona. His pigeon strain came to glory in the toughest Barcelona of recent memory. He built up this strain of pigeons by racing his pigeons well and testing them on the heavy marathon races. You could call it a Spartan method. It is also a derivative of the saying “to measure is to know.” Your pigeons are then measured with the best pigeons of an (inter)national field. The result is that the best pigeons come to the top. 2018 was the year of the move of Coen from Terborg to Ulft. His best racers and breeders went along. From this his new racing team is bred. From this “cream of the crop” 8 youngsters have been selected for this auction.

Stock building
Coen has built up his entire pigeon stock around ‘De Superkweker’. As a fancier you do not always become aware of this right away, but if generations of good pigeons come out of this cock over a long period of time, then a stock sire has arisen and if you use it economically, then you will benefit optimally from it. This cock gives good to very good racing pigeons from the first to the fifth generation. A top breeder … you can safely say that. This cock is direct from Paul van den Boogaart of Kamerik. The father of this top breeder comes from his top pigeons the “Yes66 Teletekst”. The ‘Superkweker’ is father, grandfather, and great grandfather of 1e NPO Brive, 2e Best Yearling of Europe 5e, 21e, 32e, 90e national Orange, 5e NPO Cahors, 12e national Narbonne, 7e Int. Narbonne (yr), Fastest Yearling Perpignan (62e national ZLU) 10e Fastest Yearling Perpignan, 19e national Narbonne hens, 52e national Narbonne, Best Yearling FIANTE 2015,79e national Barcelona,79e national St Vincent, 90e national Bordeaux, 48e national Brive,70e national St Vincent, 118e national Marseille, 105e national Marseille,78e NPO Cahors, 123e national Marseille, 221e national Pau, 99e national PAU etc.
Another base pigeon is ‘de 027’, an old base hen. She is herself co-winner International Fondspel 2006 with o.a. a 19e national St Vincent. This is a pigeon from the old Brinkman pigeons. The ‘Barcelonadoffer’, won 33e national Barcelona, now also starts to breed good pigeons. This pigeon comes directly from Heinz Elsweyer Duitsland . The input (from 2015) of the Moleveld pigeons (line of the world famous ‘Brive’) also helped improve the pigeons. The man from Terborg also has success with pigeons from Dirk van den Berg of Tuk and Bas Jansen of Zutphen.

Besides the 4e and 7e national Barcelona (7e and 12e international) in 2017 Coen has flown multiple other nice top prizes such as:
11e, 23e, 68e, 80e en 83e national Agen ZLU yl 2015 against 4.679 pigeons
64e en 74e national Marseille 2016 against 3.320 pigeons
12e national Narbonne 2016 against 5.042 pigeons
40e national Perpignan against 4.827 pigeons
Furthermore, the following top prizes are on Coen’s honors list:
1e NPO Brive
5e national Orange
5e NPO Cahors
7e NPO Limoges
19e national Narbonne
21e national Orange
27e national Perpignan

The youngsters who are going to be auctioned off are from most of these top racers or their parents. You see youngsters come back to:

Children of the “Superkweker”: father, grandfather and great grandfather of:
1e NPO Brive
4e NAT Barcelona (7e INT. Barcelona)
7e NAT Barcelona (12e Int. Barcelona)
7e NAT/NPO Limoges
2e best yearling of Europe on International Races,
5e, 21e, 32e, 90e NAT Orange 5e NPO Cahors,
Fastest Yearling Perpignan ZLU (62e NAT ZLU) 10e Fastest Yearling Perpignan
19e NAT ZLU Narbonne hens
27e NAT Perpignan
35e NAT Perpignan etc. etc.

The 7e NAT Barcelona against 4.492 pigeons (12e INT. against 17.094 pigeons) on the hardest Barcelona edition ever!! 7e NPO Limoges 1.279 pigeons

2e Best Yearling of Europe on the International Races with a 60e International Agen(yr) 9043 p. 92e International Narbonne(yr) 7.811 p. On the national level was a 23e NAT. Agen (yr) 4.679 p. and 242e NAT Narbonne 5.042 p.

The 327 super hen who performed on one of the hardest Barcelona editions ever was injured and flew 4e NAT. Barcelona (7e Int.)!!

Super yearling with 12e NAT ZLU Narbonne 5.042 p, 7e INT. Narbonne(yr) 7.811d, and 330e NAT Agen (yr) 4.690 p.

A beautiful selection of youngsters from proven breeders and racers !!! A great opportunity to give your strain a new boost !!!

We cannot guarantee the gender of these youngsters due to the age of these marathon pigeons.

For fanciers from Top-fanciers!
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