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Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/10/2019

Gebr. Limburg sells from their best racers and proven breeders from their super strain



The strain of Gebr. Limburg is a household name in the marathon world. Who doesn’t know Super Van Geel, The Spirit, Limbo Boy and Octopussy. A great strain that not only makes Gerard and John a top name, but has also strengthened many other top lofts. Here you should think of men like Arjan Beens, Kramer-Ouwehand and most recent comb. Hengst-Provoost, who won 1e national St. Vincent in sector 1. In short, a strain that colors the results in the past, but also in the present. As they have won very recently 1e and 2e national Aurillac, 1e NPO Ruffec, 2e NPO Perigueux and 6e NPO Limoges.

The basis of the strain of Gebr. Limburg was formed around the pigeons of Martha van Geel, Jan Theelen, Hermans and Wijnands. The characteristics of these families ensure that a variety of Gerard and John consists of strong pigeons with content, a strong will and perseverance, in which the color “red” is richly present.
The basis of the breeding philosophy of the men from Zuidveen is good with good. The good lines are crossed together and that has made good results for years. With the breeding not so much attention is paid to the construction. This is because the men do not have pigeons with a less or poor construction. Their pigeons are typified with a good bone structure, well muscled, ventbones that are closed, and a wing without and a wing without longer backflights. According to the men, this does not happen automatically, because in the initial period attention was paid to the construction of their pigeon stock. The aforementioned properties then had to be present to be a breeding pigeon. Compensation breeding is therefore not necessary. A little attention is also paid to the eyes. Light eyes are not preferred with these toppers. They prefer to see a dark eye with life in it. In a pairing the two pigeons will both have different eye colors. Furthermore, the reconnaissance must be complete and they must look smart and alert. Now you have a good idea of how they formed their world famous strain.

In the introduction you could read some top results from 2018. In terms of depth, the pigeons from the men of Zuidveen were also very strong. That is seen in the following races:

  • Limoges (27 entered 16 prizes): 6, 14, 32 etc against 1.358 pigeons
  • Perigueux (48 entered 32 prizes): 2, 10, 12, 23, 42, 44, 52 etc against 1.928 pigeons
  • Dax (3 entered 2 prizes): 29 and 118 against 504 pigeons
  • Orange (7 entered 5 prizes): 13, 45 etc against 676 pigeons
  • Bergerac (30 entered 17 prizes): 34, 56, 64 etc against 1.263 pigeons

Other fanciers make great use of the pigeons of the Gebr. Limburg in order to strengthen their families. This is done in great success, as can be read in these references with results thanks to the ‘Limburg-pigeons’:

  • 1e National Sector 1 St. Vincent Comb. Hengst-Provoost
  • 1e NPO Prov 8 Bergerac Aart Hup
  • 2e NPO Perigueux Gebr.Limburg Zuidveen
  • 3e NPO Limoges H. Roossien
  • 4e NPO Limoges Coen Brugman
  • 4e NPO Perigueux Eddy Bloemen
  • 5e Nat. Pau Comb. Verweij-de Haan
  • 6e NPO Perigueux Benno Kastelein
  • 6e NPO Perigueux J. & F. Wendel
  • 6e NPO Limoges Gebr. Limburg Zuidveen
  • 7e NPO Perigueux Eddy Bloemen
  • 8e Nat Agen Jelle Jellema
  • 8e Nat Barcelona Jelle Jellema
  • 8e NPO DAX Michiel Vlaskamp
  • 10e NPO Perigueux Eddy Bloemen

These are all results of the past season in 2018. As you all know, this was one of the most difficult seasons of the past 30 years for Western Europe. In previous years, victories were won with pigeons with ‘Gebr. Limburg-blood’:

  • 1e NPO Cahors with "MIEKE" for Dimar Kuipers
  • 1e NPO Cahors with "MISTER RED" for Albert Lensen
  • 1e Nat Perigueux S3. with "Red Dawn" for Harold Zwiers
  • 1e Int.nat Narbonne with "STERRE" for Nico v.d. Hurk
  • 1e NPO Agen with "D Day" for Kramer-Ouwehand
  • 1e NPO Perigueux with "Het Slagschip” for J & F Wendel
  • 1e NPO Albi with "Kylie" for E.J. Stuut & Zn.
  • 1e NU St.Vincent with "Melody" for Bas Jansen
  • 1e Nat Aurillac S4 for Gebr.Limburg
  • 1e Nat Aurillac S3 for Comb Kolk
  • 1e Nat Ruffec with "Nelson" for Eddy Bloemen
  • 1e NPO Ruffec with "Rode Ruffec" for Gebr. Limburg
  • 1e Nat. Brive with "Rood Meisje" for Arjan Beens
  • 1e Nat. Limoges with "Limbo Boy" for Gebr. Limburg
  • 1e NPO Brive with "De Jan" for Arjan Beens
  • 1e Nat. Bergerac with "De 991" for Arjan Beens
  • 1e NPO Periqueux with "Red Racer" for Gebr. Limburg
  • 1e Nat Bergerac for Ron Gerrits
  • 1e NPO Brive with "Black Surprice" for Arjan Beens
  • 1e Nat Limoges with "Red Power" for Gerrit Vedder
  • 1e NU Orange with "Alexia" for H. Geerdink & Zn.
  • 1e NU Cahors with "Ranomi" for H. v.d. Berg
  • 1e NPO Brive for C. van Haarlem

Will you also be on this illustrious list in the years to come. Take a look at the auction and grab one of the opportunities !!!

We cannot guarantee 100% the sex of the youngsters due to their age

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