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Now at TopPigeons sale of

Written by Team TopPigeons - 1/10/2019

Busscher-Albertz, Elsloo, sells his best breeders. In this sale also 8 (gr.)children from the super champion "711". This "711" is on the loft of the champion of 2018, Jos Martens, partly responsible for the production of 3 international winners.


“De 711” is at the loft Jos Martens grandsire to ;

André, 1st. International Marseille 2015. Also “der Sjef” , sire to 1st. international Tarbes 2010 and grandfather to 1st. international Marseille 2015 and 1st. International Perpignan 2018, is breed from a grandson "711".


Later in this preface you can reed more about the breedingresults of this "711".


Due to circumstances the comb. Busscher-Albertz from the South Limburg Elsloo has to sell these breeding pigeons. In this auction are children and grandchildren of the world famous ‘711’. In additioin there is a grandson of Euro Diamond with two daughters (in one lot).




The Euro Diamond won 1e national Carcasonne, 3e national Perpignan, 4e national Bergerac, 5e national Perpignan and 9enational Marseille. Further he was the Best European Marathon pigeon. A son of this cock was paired to a daughter of 3e national Dax, when this grandson of Busscher-Albertz came out. In this auction is a grandson (lot 3). He is sold together with a daughter, who is also a daughter of 54e national San Sebastiaan.
‘De 179’ of 2014 comes direct from this cock and won by Busscher-Albertz 5e national Agen ZLU 2016 against 6.897 pigeons (International 9e against 11.826 pigeons)


Children and grandchildren of ‘De 711’
In the rest of this auction and children and grandchildren of the world famous ‘ 711’. This cock is 1e Ace Pigeon of the Netherlands in the National Fondspiegel and 2e National Ace Pigeon of the Fondspiegel over 5 years.
On his own loft grandchildren of ‘De 711’ won:
2e national Agen 2016 against 6.897 pigeons (6e international against 11.826 pigeons)
1e Prov. Cahors
38e national Narbonne
49e national Bordeaux
‘De Stille’ won 2 provincial races and further won 10e national Pau and 28e national Marseille.
By J. Driessen of Stein was a grandson 1e National Ace Pigeon St. Vincent ZLU over the years 2015-2018. A granddaughter of ‘De 711’ won by Jan Weis o.a. the 5e national St. Vincent.
Marc Gielen won 5e national St. Vincent and 7e national Marseille with a grandchild of ‘De 711’.



By Theo Peters of Elsloo the offspring run like a red thread through this colony. Descendants of ‘De 711’ won by Theo:

1e Prov. Pau 2017
1e Bergerac Wefo, also 1e Ace Pigeon Morning Release 3e in the entire Limburg province
9e national Perpignan hens
1e Ace Pigeon of Wefo and 1e Ace Pigeon prov. Limburg
From a grandchild of ‘De 711’ comes by Theo 5e, 20e, 50e and 57e national on the ZLU-races.


Maybe Jos Martens is the greatest ambassador of the ‘De 711’-offspring.The 711 of Buscher-Alberts is like a red thread through the base of Jos Martens. Jos had three sons of him, who have bred good descendants in the 1e, 2e and 3e generation.
André, 1e International Marseille 2015, comes from a direct son of De 711.
Der Sjef, father of 1e International Tarbes 2010 and grandfather of 1e International Marseille 2015 and 1e International Perpignan 2018, come from a grandson of De 711.
In addition, among others, the following prize winners descend from this topper:
9e national Tarbes 2009
31e nat. Bordeaux 2010
30e nat. Marseille 2010
129e nat. Barcelona 2012
3e nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Wie Heeft Ze Beter.
The best is probably Der Sjef.
Der Sjef comes from grandson 711 of Buscher-Alberts. Base sire Der Sjef won himself o.a.:
14 Prov. Bergerac 2005
39 Prov .Cahors 2005
212 Prov. Limoges 2007
192 Prov. Cahors 2007
612 Nat. Barcelona 2007
167 Nat. Narbonne 2008

He is father of De Tarbes (1e International Tarbes 2010) and grandfather of André (1e International Marseille 2015) and Helios (1eInternational Perpignan 2018). What a top producer you must be then?
Elsa of Lei Martens came to him by Jos Martens. This hen won 1e International Marseille.

From ‘De 711’ are 3 direct sons in this sale (Lots 1, 4 and 7). Further we find 5 grandchildren of this topper, of which one inbred (from son and daughter of 711). A wonderful and last chance to obtain the super good blood of this cock !!!

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