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Written by Team TopPigeons - 2/20/2019

Wim and Mart Derksen, Almelo,

auctions youngsters from their wonderful Jellema-collection



Pigeon sport has many beautiful aspects. That is reflected in this combination. In which hobby you see a grandfather together with his grandson work together and also have success together. In Almelo there is Grandpa Wim and grandson Mart a wonderful collection of pigeons. With this they achieve great results. Last year they became 2nd Champion Morning Release together in the strong competition of the Marathon Noord. This beautiful championship was achieved partly thanks to descendants of the loft of Jelle Jellema. From this beautiful collection of Jellemas the men offer 6 exquisite youngsters in this auction at Toppigeons.

The Fanciers
Wim Derksen from Almelo has been a household name in the marathon world for decades. He has had wonderful successes with his son (Mart's father) and alone. As the years add up, the motivation slowly decreases. Wim also had some problems with that. This motivation came back when his grandson Mart came to fly pigeons in Wim's yard. Mart had too much trouble with birds of prey at his parents’ home and a lot less by grandpa. Wim got renewed motivation from his new companion and the performance went right up again this way. Wim and Mart have their own departments where they race with pigeons. There is a healthy fight between them and that drives the results to great heights. Together they are strong! More underlying information about the pigeon sport experience of grandfather and grandson Derksen can be found at these two links.

Wim and Mart have a nice collection of Jellema pigeons, which Mart has bought with care and wisdom. One of the two pigeons that won the title at the Marathon Noord is already a descendant (50%) of these Jellema's.
An impression of the youngsters that are offered on Toppigeons:

A son of De Jelle. He comes from OMG 430 and Sister Roman. OMG 430 is the best breeding son of Miss Gijsje (o.a. 7e nat. Cahors and 6e NU Brive) and Mr. Beautiful (33e nat. Brive). OMG 430 is the father of:
2e International Narbonne
8e national Agen
9e national Perpignan
10e national Barcelona

13e national Marseille
27e national Perpignan
He is grandfather of o.a.:
8e national Barcelona
30e national Marseille
Sister Roman is a sister of top breeder Roman. Roman is father of 6e and 7e International Pau. Sister Roman and Roman come from Blauwe Benno and Olympic Romee.
Blauwe Benno
won himself o.a. 3e NPO Bergerac, 31e NPO Brive and 93e nat. Marseille.
Olympic Romee of Jelle Jellema was the Best Marathon pigeon at the Olympiade in Budapest. She won o.a.:
3e national Orange
3e national Bergerac
3e NPO Brive
6e NPO Aurillac
16e national St. Vincent

A son and daughter of Daughter Romee. She comes from Zoon Miss Gijsje and Olympic Romee.
Zoon Miss Gijsje is father of o.a.:
3e national Barcelona 2016
30e national Bergerac 2014
42e national Limoges 2014
68e national Bergerac 2013
Miss Gijsje won o.a. 7e nat. Cahors and 6e NU Brive.
Olympic Romee of Jelle Jellema was the Best Marathon pigeon at the Olympiade in Budapest. She won o.a.:
3e national Orange
3e national Bergerac
3e NPO Brive
6e NPO Aurillac
16e national St. Vincent

And a daughter of Kleine Silvie. She comes from New Jade 3 and Silvie.
Kleine Silvie is niece of 2e Intern. Perpignan and 2e Intern. Narbonne and aunt of 5e Intern. Perpignan.
Silvie won 3e International Barcelona and is grandmother of 1e national Agen.
New Jade 3 comes from New Laureaat and Kleine Jade.

Another wonderful auction of the best of Jelle Jellema from a proven racing loft … the 2e Champion on the Morning releases of the super strong competition of the Stichting Marathon Noord. Warmly recommended!!!

Due to the age of the pigeons we can not guarantee the sex 100%

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