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Written by Team TopPigeons - 2/20/2019

Harold Zwiers:


Auction of pigeons with multiple generations of top pigeons



In this sale you have the chance to get a beautiful youngster from the top fancier Harold Zwiers of Den Ham. On all races over 900 km (morning and afternoon release) he is among the top of the Netherlands. It is not unimportant that he not only races well with the pigeons himself, but also that other fanciers race well with his birds or with descendants from pigeons from the man from the municipality of Twenterand. After all, his strain can be crossed very well. Just look at the references of the past years Do you also want to make a nice prize, then you now have a chance to buy a nice and charming pigeon.




The Basis

The basis of the pigeon strain of Harold comes from descendants of the top couple ‘1336’ x ‘Morsie.’ This couple is for the most part flooded with the blood of pigeons of Jan Theelen. ‘De 1336’ is entirely Theelen and ‘Morssie’ is 50% Theelen and the other half is the daughter of 1e nat. Perpignan of Jan Walpot and a son of 1e nat. St. Vincent of Van Zelderen. From this couple stems all the pigeons in the loft of Harold.


Here are the top prizes of the descendants of ” DE 1336 X MORSIE” Father and mother of 1,1,2,4,6,7,9,9, NPO/VNCC

Further descendants won NPO/VNCC 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5,6,6,6,6,6,6,7,7,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,9,9,9,10,10,10,11,12,13,13, 13,13,14,14,14,14,14,15,16,16,16,16,16,17,18,18,18,19,20,20,21,21,22,22,22,22,23,24 ( 19e International Barcelona ) and so on




The current standard bearer:
Rooie Japie is the successor of his father and has the good breeding characteristics he is already father of

  • Red Dawn 1e Sector 3 Periqueux 7102 pigeons (see Lot 1)
  • Red Thunder 7e 12e 36e NPO (see Lot 4)
  • Red Laidy 9e National Bergerac
  • Grandfather of Rooie Annie 2e 6e 14e NPO
  • Red Sonja 1e NPO St vincent
  • Bergina 10e NPO Bergerac
  • Rooie Appie (see Lot 6)

You can find an inbred young in Lot 7



For the last 3 years Het Veens Blauwtje was a constant factor at the loft of Harold. This hen was bred in Veenendaal by Gerrit and Jaco van Nieuwamerongen, comes from the world famous Carteus Giant. He is father of o.a. 3e national Narbonne, 11e national Brive, 15e national St. Vincent, 1e FondUnie 2000 Bordeaux and grandfather of the best afternoon release pigeon of 2016-2018, Miss Puck of Koos Steenbeek.

Het Veens Blauwtje won the following prizes and titles in 2018:

  • 1e Ace Pigeon Multi-day Long Distance NPO BERGERAC 3 year ranking list with “Veens Blauwtje” (2016 to 2018)
  • 9e Ace Pigeon Multi-day Long Distance NPO BERGERAC 2 year ranking list with”Veens Blauwtje “(2017 to 2018)
  • 11e Category E Marathon Olympiade 2018 with “Veense Blauwtje

She was coupled to Red Dawn, who won 1e National Perigueux 2017. A youngster of this couple is in Lot 1.





Top racer and top breeder De Deugniet (see Lot 9)

Certain pigeon fanciers tend to look at pedigrees rather than performance. With one of the top racers and breeders of Harold, 'De Deugniet', the pedigree is not very special, but the performance and the offspring are great. He won himself o.a. 1e VNCC and 1e of the NU ZONE 3 on Montauban. Further he is father of Harolds Barcelona pigeons (yes ... several) and of the Ace Pigeon Afternoon Release Marathon Noord 2018. De Deugniet is o.a. the father of De Jonge Barcelona, Yaika (19e International Barcelona of 20.669 pigeons 2014 and 9e International hens of 5.550 pigeons). ‘De Deugniet’ won himself:

1e Montauban VNCC against 1.020 pigeons, 1e NU Zone 3 against 1.461 pigeons, 5e national against 5.293 pigeons, 5e NU total against 7.730 pigeons. ‘De Deugniet’ is (grand)father of pigeons with the following prizes: 19e International Barcelona 2014 against 20.669 pigeons (1.278 km), 18e national Narbonne 2015 against 5.338 pigeons, 27e national Orange 2012 against 4.689 duiven, 37e nationaal Marseille 2016 against 3.320 duiven, 11e Department 9 Perigueux 2016 against 2.356 pigeons, 1e and 7e NU Zone 1 Cahors 2017 against 1.951 pigeons and 3e Department 9 Limoges 2018 against 1.319 pigeons.

The father of ‘De Deugniet’ is ‘De Super 483’ of Schoolderman, who was 20e National Tarbes and 57e National St. Vincent.

The 12-1164278 is a granddaughter of ‘De Deugniet’. She made a big contribution to the Super Cup victory of the Marathon Noord last season. She was entered as the 1st nominated in Barcelona and Perpignan and won 2 prizes. The 12-278 is a daughter of ‘Tarzan’, a good son of ‘De Deugniet’ with ‘Zilverstar’. ‘Zilverstar’ comes from the base couple ‘1336’ with ‘Morssie’ and won marathon race in the VNCC. In 2016 is 12-78 didnt race, because she had something in mind. In the surrounding years, 2015, 2017 and 2018 she always won a prize at Barcelona.

Also a points gainer in the Marathon Noord on Marseille (the 15-255) is a descendant of ‘De Deugniet’. Also the nestbrother (the 15-256, 2e entered on Dax with 97e prize in Marathon Noord) did a little bit in to bag the Supercup victory.

The descendants of 'De Deugniet' were also responsible for the Championship of the Morning Release in the year 2014 at the Marathon Noord. Harold was then allowed to enter the highest step of the honorary podium.


Champion Pigeon Afternoon Release (see Lot 11)
With the ‘Jonge Deugniet’ (‘De 219’ of 2015) Harold had the champion pigeon of the afternoon release in the Marathon Noord. The father of this topper is ‘De Deugniet’. De mother is ‘Maud’. She comes from ‘Zwart Goud’ of Jelle Jellema with‘Inteelt Kuif’. This hen comes from super breeder ‘Rooie Japie’ with his mother ‘Morssie’. ‘De Jonge Deugniet’ won in the Marathon Noord 43e St. Vincent, 19e Dax and 43e Bergerac. He beat a topper from Henk van de Wielen from Beneden Leeuwen. National in sector 3 ‘De Jonge Deugniet’ won the following prizes: 98e national St. Vincent, 38e national Dax and 136e national Bergerac. A fantastic honors list of a great cock. He is raced in widowhood, so he can compete in the three races for the Marathon Noord easier.



Tarzan is also a son of De Deugniet and Zilverstar, one of the pearls of the base couple 1336 and Morssie. A child of him in Koop 10.


For results and championships see my website


Other fanciers race very well with pigeons from Harold:
A selection from the references

  • Hans Radstaak Gaanderen played a 2e NPO Cahors afd 9 also 1e zone 1 NU is 100 % Zwiers ( Daughter Tarzan x Boerinnenke ) grandchild De Deugniet x Zilverstar
  • Comb Niks Westerhaar played with “Mister Red” (50% Zwiers) a 5e NPO Dax with a descendant of Rosco and Zilverstar
  • Klaas Mulder uit Hengelo played a 5e NPO Orange with a grandchild of Benjamin x daughter Marianne 12-881
  • Doldersum & Zn uit Westerhaar played a 8e NPO Periqueux with a 100% Zwiers ( grandchild of Zilverstar and “De Deugniet”)
  • Comb Niks Westerhaar played with “Mister Red” (50 % Zwiers )a 8e NPO St. Vincent with a descendant of Rosco and Zilverstar
  • Hans Radstaak Gaanderen played a 13e NPO Cahors with a granddaughter of De Deugniet
  • Comb Niks Westerhaar played with Blauwe Kastelijn a 13e NPO St Vincent Blauwe Kastelijn comes from a daughter of De Deugnietx Zilverstar
  • Jelle Jellema Nijverdal played a 31e Zlu St Vincent with a granddaughter of Rooie Japie
  • Jelle Jellema Nijverdal played a 21e Zlu Perpignan with a granddaughter of Laika ( Laika = Daughter Morsie )

Comb Niks Westerhaar played with “Jong Zwam” a 1e NPO Albi (3e sector III 3814 p.) The mother of “Jong Zwam” is 07-1296014 a grandchild “Zilverstar” and is a descendant of the very successful 1336 x Morsie & Parel line of Harold Zwiers.

  • Jelle Jellema Nijverdal played :
    • 5e natinal Pau with Rena Father f this hen is Roman . Roman is a son of Blauwe Benno which is a grandson of top pigeon Limosje
    • 6e natinal Pau with Anke Father f this hen is Roman . Roman is a son of Blauwe Benno which is a grandson of top pigeon Limosje
    • 18e natinal Barcelona with Zeus His mther, Sanne, comes from sister Jacky and “Jelleman” Jacky is a co-breeding product of Jelle with Harold Zwiers (Inbred Saffier with Mrsie, the base hen f Harold).
    • 37e natinal Barcelona with Erin. The mther of Erin comes from Hellas with Inteelt Kuif of Harold Zwiers. This Inteelt Kuif comes from top breeder Roie Japie with his mther Mrsie .
    • 14e Natinal Perpignan with Sanne The mther of Sanne is Sister Jacky . She comes from a son of Zwart Goud with a daughter of the couple Inteelt Saffier with Morsie. Mrsie is the base hen f Harold Zwiers of Den Ham. Sanne is in turn the mother of Zeus, 18e Nat Barcelna 2016.
    • 10e NPO Limges with Tara. The father f Tara is a son of the inteelt kuif of Harold Zwiers, which is a daughter of Roie Japie x Mrsie(Tara als won 6e and 8e NPO)

The youngsters who are offered in this sale are bred with care and with the idea of establishing the strong breeding lines as much as possible, so that a good youngster is possible. If you bring good breeding lines together, then you have a chance that the next generation will produce good pigeons again. Almost all youngsters that are offered for sale are either grandchildren or great grandchildren of the breeding couple ‘1336 x Morsie’ a couple that has produced many generations of top racers.


This was just a short overview of my strain of pigeons. If you want to know more about the performance of the pigeons of Harold Zwiers please take a look at the website that is currently available in multiple languages


The Most Beautiful Championships of 2018 in great competition

Ø Winner Supercup Marathon Noord

Ø Winner Ace Pigeon Marathon Noord with “De jonge Deugniet “

Ø 1e Ace Pigeon Multi-day long distance NPO BERGERAC 3 year ranking list with “Veens Blauwtje” (2016 to 2018)

Ø 1e Non-nominated champion kring 1

Ø 2e Nominated champion kring 1

Ø 2e Non-nominated champion Department 9 Oost Nederland

Ø 2e Nominated champion Department 9 Oost Nederland

Ø 3e Champions league VNCC

Ø 3e Nominated VNCC

Ø 5e Nominated champion Noordelijke UNIE

Ø 6e Marathon Noord afternoon release

Ø 8e Champion Noordelijke UNIE total

Ø 8e Non-nominated champion VNCC

Ø 9e National Champion Nominated

Ø 9e Ace Pigeon Multi-day long distance NPO BERGERAC 2 year ranking list with”Veens Blauwtje “(2017 tot 2018)

Ø 11e Category E Marathon Olympiade 2018 with “Veense Blauwtje


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