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Written by Team TopPigeons - 2/21/2019

Walter (PWA) van der Meulen, Sirjansland,


Barcelona-topper of the Netherlands

Auction youngsters from his phenomenal Barcelona strain



In the Netherlands, marathon pigeon fanciers regularly ask the question: Who has good Barcelona pigeons? There are several good answers to give! One name can not be missed in this list … Walter van der Meulen from the Zeeuwse Sirjansland. On the results list can be found under the name PWA van der Meulen. This fancier performs regularly in the headline of the results of Barcelona for the last 6 years. Last season 2018 he was also the breeder of the National Winner of Barcelona of Jacky and Leen de Bruyne from Nieuwerkerk. That is beautiful!!! This has proven that the pigeons from his breeding strain can handle this king classic very well. From this beautiful strain with proven breeders and proven Barcelona-racers you have the chance to get a pigeon in this auction. For fans of this world famous race an outstanding opportunity!!!

The building of the strain
Walter started to focus on the marathon races in the 1992 season. A few years later, in 1997, a good step was made with a hen from Jan Ernest and two cocks from Jean Hausoul. The Jan Ernest hen has been coupled to both cocks. With one cock came the same good youngsters and especially with the other cock the offspring was very good. Walter went on to build with the descendants of these three pigeons. There was also, a cock from Gerard Dekker (breeding loft GeMaDe) of the blood of the Gebr. Brugemann. Walter received this cock from a voucher and he flew in 2014 the 10e national Barcelona.
In the background are the pigeons of Gebr. Hagens via Jan and Twan Nobels from Achthuizen. A direct pigeon from these men won in 2004 1e national Dax. The base has been supplemented with pigeons of the type of Jan Ernest via P. and L. Bramel and the Comb. Rekker-Westra.



Way of thinking
Barcelona is a race where the pigeons have to stay overnight before they reach the home front. Walter tries to play the most afternoon released races every year and then some international flights with at least Barcelona. Because his pigeons get the training of overnight races, they are not afraid of the night for Barcelona. The pigeons that take early prizes on the afternoon releases stay on the afternoon release. They make the step to Barcelona when the speed is a bit off and they slow down a bit. The yearlings who miss out on the afternoon release, go the same year to a ZLU flight and this can be Barcelona. Walter sees the national overnight races as a good preparation for Barcelona. On the overnight races, Walter regularly has early pigeons ... especially from Bordeaux.
Walter has made the choice not to race all flights, because his work does not allow this. He has to work regularly on the weekends at the park Port ZĂ©lande of Centerparcs in Field Service.

A nice row of performances at the loft in Sirjansland:
9e national Barcelona 2013
10e, 104e, 126e national Barcelona 2014
154e national Barcelona 2015
32e national Barcelona 2017
17e, 66e, 137e national Barcelona 2018
On these races Walter sends 3 to 9 pigeons and if you have so many top prizes, it shows the strength of these pigeons on the International Classic.
The best performance on Barcelona with a Walter van der Meulen pigeon is of course the 1st national Barcelona at the last edition of 2018 by Jacky and Leen de Bruyne from Nieuwekerk. The report about this victory can be read under this link.

Other nice performances
During the season, the Marathonduivenjournaal has every weekend an overview of the fanciers with good results. Walter is regularly mentioned on this:
In 2015 Walter on Perpignan was 5e, 8e and 26e national. He had 13 pigeons entered and won 10 prizes. In 2017 Walter on Barcelona had entered 4 pigeons and won 3 prizes, beginning with 32e national.
In 2018 he won 4e nat. Bordeaux in sector 1 against 9.852 pigeons. In the same year he picked up the 7e and 8e national Perigueux against 4.921 pigeons. On Barcelona 2018 Walter had entered 9 pigeons and won 7 prizes with three top prizes, that have already been mentioned.

From this great strain of pigeons you now have the opportunity to get a direct offspring. There is no pigeon in your loft of such a strong base!!!

The sexes have been estimated according to experience, but we can not guarantee 100%.

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