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Now at TopPigeons sale of

Written by Team TopPigeons - 2/22/2019

Vincent Vork

from the South-Holland village Noorden sells from his best racers


In recent years a new star has been emerging from South Holland on the International ZLU-races. In the last three years he has put together a wonderful series of early prizes with the absolute highlight being 1e National St. Vincent ZLU last season. The basis of his strong strain are not big names, but pigeons with a huge honors list from strong fanciers. What is important? From good pigeons you breed a new generation of toppers. That basis is amply present with this fancier. We are talking about Vincent Vork from the South Holland North, a beautiful town west of the center in the triangle Den Haag, Amsterdam and Utrecht. In 2010 this fancier was Champion of the Netherlands Marathon races of the NPO and since his transfer to the ZLU-races he cannot be stopped on these races. In the meantime he again won 1e National Agen in sector 2.



Prizes in the last seasons
In the last three years he won these prizes with others:

29e national Pau 2018 against 3.551 pigeons
29e, 38e, 54e, 104e national Agen 2018 against 5.754 pigeons
1e national St. Vincent ZLU 2018 against 2.570 pigeons
104e national Marseille 2018 against 2.750 pigeons
17e national Narbonne 2018 against 3.082 pigeons

10e and 47e national Pau 2017 against 3.526 pigeons
63e, 73e and 88e national Agen 2017 against 6.219 pigeons
4e national St. Vincent ZLU 2017 against 3.037 pigeons
6e, 87e and 117e national Perpignan against 4.789 pigeons

16e and 60e national Pau 2016 against 3.788 pigeons
31e national Agen ZLU 2016 against 6.887 pigeons
38e, 80e and 109e national Narbonne 2016 against 5.042 pigeons
1e national Agen sector 2 2016 against 3.362 pigeons



The basis of the pigeon strain of Vincent Vork
Many of these prizes have been won by children of a great breeding couple. The cock of this couple is a Van der Wegen-cock via Piet de Haas. This cock won himself o.a. 25e national Cahors against 6.397 pigeons. The hen of this top couple is a crossing of his ‘own sort’, where Vincent has been breeding and racing 10 years with winning National Champion (via o.a. Dick Pennings, was also Jan Schreurs gives him success) with a hen of Loos-Rijsbergen. From this hen also comes Zenith, who won 1e national Agen. That is why the hen of the top couple Halfzus Zenith is named. The father of Halfzus Zenith won himself 23e national Montauban against 8.514 pigeons. More info about Vincent’s pigeon strain … read this article.



These children have won the prizes listed below in the last three years:

  • Emma won: 109e Narbonne 2016 against 2.042 pigeons, 10e nationaal Pau 2017 against 3.526 pigeons, 29e nationaal Pau 2018 against 3.551 pigeons, 63e nationaal Agen 2017 against 6.219 pigeons, 104e nationaal Marseille 2018 against 2.750 pigeons
  • Sanne won: 6e nationaal Perpignan 2017 against 4.789 pigeons
  • Ranger won: 29e nationaal Agen 2018 against 5.754 pigeons
  • Zorro won: 38e nationaal Agen 2018 against 5.754 pigeons
  • Pearl won: 87e nationaal Perpignan 2017 against 4.789 pigeons and 17e nationaal against 3.082 pigeons

There is also a late youngster of 2017 in this sale from Zenith, who won 1e national Agen S2 and and not to mention a young one out of Tomba, the winner of 1e national St. Vincent ZLU from last season.

A small summary of the 11 pigeons that are being offered for sale:

  • Lot 1: Son of Tomba and Emma
  • Lot 3: Daughter Macho, 63e national Agen
  • Lot 4: Daughter Zorro
  • Lot 6: Daughter Ranger
  • Lot 9: Daughter Pearl
  • Lot 11: Daughter Zenith

A beautiful collection of pigeons that Vincent offers in his auction on Toppigeons.

The sexes of the youngsters are estimated according to experience, but can not be 100% guaranteed because of their age.

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