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Written by Team TopPigeons - 6/11/2019

After the successful first 2 auctions, auction 3 now starts on Sunday 9 June. This is an auction of 15 pigeons offered by 15 different marathon enthusiasts. The auction runs for 3 weeks and ends on Sunday 30 June. This gives us ample opportunity to introduce both the 15 fanciers and the pigeons they have made available from this auction. And it is definitely worth following this. You can do this by visiting our website and / or following us on Facebook and Instagram. You will see the following enthusiasts in the auction that starts next Sunday, June 9:

AP Overwater

Bennie Homma

Jan Morsink

Gerard Schalkwijk

Martin de Poorter

Mast Scheper Pigeons

Gebr. Maas & Zn.

Jaap Mazee

Vincent Fork

Peet & Paloma Solleveld

Team Vollebregt

Gebr. Hagens

André van Boxtel

Léon Roks

Harold Zwiers

The aforementioned fanciers have done their utmost to offer young breeding pigeons from their best pigeons and breeding lines. The pigeons offered are late pigeons from 2018 or early youngsters from 2019. Think ahead to the next breeding season and try to get one of the pigeons from this special marathon auction at Top Pigeons. With the 2018 pigeons you could even do a few rounds this summer.

The gender of the pigeons is not guaranteed with 100% certainty.

For fanciers from Top-fanciers!
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