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Written by Top Pigeons - 10/28/2019



Breeders of international Top Racers and Ace Pigeons

The breeding of Ace pigeons seems to be a talent of Bert Saarloos. Bert sees the breeding of very good pigeons, who can win good prices 2 or 3 times on an international race as his challenge. He actually thinks it is nicer and more difficult than winning a championship. 2017 was the year to which they can look back with pride. In 2017, The Blue Dusk performed unique on the international races. This results in 1st Euro Diamond Award, 1st International Ace pigeon all flights 2016-2017, 1st International Ace pigeon Perpignan 2016-2017, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU over 2 years, 2nd National Ace Pigeon ZLU all flights 2016, 4th National Ace Pigeon ZLU all flights 2017, 5th Nat. Perpignan, 12th Nat. St. Vincent, 17th Nat. St. Vincent, 27th Nat. Perpignan and so on.

In the year 2018 it was a 2-year-old lesbian hen that flew 3 times in the heavy international flights. She became 4th hen of the Netherlands and 11th International there. This including the 58th National Marseille and 166th National Pau.

The 2019 season also had many beautiful highlights and that started immediately at Pau with a beautiful series of 10 prizes for 18 pigeons starting with the 84th National. St. Vincent ZLU entered 14 pigeons and no fewer than 9 won prizes. On this St. Vincent a series of top prizes was achieved with the 24th, 29th, 41st, 63rd and the 85th National and therefore 5x TOP 100 ZLU. In addition, they have won the 1st and 3rd Ace Pigeon ZLU provincial in South Holland. The 2019 ZLU season ended super with 7 prizes from 14 entered Perpignan pigeons.

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