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Total sale Ronald Geerdink

Written by Top Pigeons - 11/11/2019

Total sale Ronald Geerdink, National Marathon Champion

3rd IATP PIPA. 3rd West European Super Marathon 2018

The year 2018 where Ronald Geerdink was the leader in all eight international long distance races. Nationally and internationally acclaimed for its achievements and top references. This champion is now forced to stop the active pigeon sport due to illness!


Only a few yearlings and young pigeons are arrested because he simply cannot miss racing pigeons.

In the week of Barcelona, ​​a tumor was found in his head, which prompted him to come to this decision. After winning a 50% prize percentage this year against Pau, Agen yearlings (55 international and national prize 33, 78, 126, etc.) and Barcelona, ​​there was no longer any focus on the rest of the pigeon season, but on the contrary for his recovery and of course wife and children.


Ronald Geerdink moved in 2012 from Haarlem in North Holland to Hoogerheide in West Brabant. With his exceptional Jos Pepping line he wanted to make furore at the international long distance races.

The start was immediately good in 2014 by becoming 2nd champion in the IFC Hoogerheide - one of the largest and strongest basketing centers in the Netherlands.


In 2015 1st, 2016 2nd, 2017 1st and 2018 again 1st champion.

49 national and international championships were won in 2018, including:

1st National ZLU Superprestige

1st National ZLU Pyrenees Cup

1st National ZLU Derby Pigeon

1st Provincial Champion

1st Provincial Ace pigeon

2nd National Champions League TopPigeons

2nd National ZLU car prize Barcelona

3rd IATP PIPA Long Distance

3rd National ZLU Fond champion

3rd National ZLU Keizer Grand Distance

3rd West European Super Marathon

3rd Ace pigeon National ZLU morning releases


Ronald Geerdink is internationally renowned for his strong breeding loft. Top pigeons or the children of top pigeons were purchased. Pigeons were bought directly from Arjan Beens, Jelle Jellema, Jos Martens and of course Jos Pepping. These pigeons were crossed with, among other things, the line of the fantastic 'Vale Montauban' and thus created a very strong strain.


In 2014 the 1st International Agen 2013 - which played half an hour ahead of number two - moved to Hoogerheide. This top cock also called 'Daan' and nine other top pigeons were purchased in his total sale on the advice of friend Jos Pepping. 'Kras Kweker' best breeder of Pepping who is not only grandfather of the 1st International Agen, but is also the father of the 'Bergerac pigeon' who played the 11th National Bergerac and Ronald became the mother of several very good pigeons, but also the 'Pau 'with 7th National Pau and 8th Mt. the Marsan, the '071' who played 14th National Bergerac and is also a daughter of 'Kras Kweker' and so on.


In total, sixty pigeons were bought from Jos Pepping. These pigeons are unique in view of their high basic speed, power, perseverance and obstinacy. Ronald Geerdink basketed 44 pigeons in international Barcelona in the past five years and 26 of them won prizes.


23 of these 26 pigeons are from Jos Pepping.


Pieter Woord won the 1st prize International Pau 2018 of which the father comes from son 'Kras Kweker' from Jos Pepping. The year before was ended with a 1st prize in International Perpignan! Jaap Mazee won the 1st prize National St. Vincent sector 4 with a child from a son of the 'Slimme' by Jos Pepping and with the same pigeon the 1st prize NPO Limoges 2017. In 2018, Mazee also won the 4th International Perpignan with a descendant. van Pepping pigeons line 'Kras Kweker'. This can no longer be a coincidence!


And of course the strongest player in France over the last five years of Barcelona is Eric Vittel. Winner National Barcelona 2019, but also winner of the Cup of Flanders already in 2015 from International Barcelona. His top performances from Barcelona are strongly determined by his investment in pigeons from Pepping.


It is clear, for example, that those who have invested with Jos Pepping have reaped the benefits and are still reaping the benefits. Geerdink became National Marathon Champion precisely by this Pepping pigeon and also by linking it to other pigeons.


Ronald Geerdink played in the international games in 2018 as follows:

Pau National prize 99, 138 etc.

Agen Old National prize 103 etc.

Agen yearlings National prize 46 etc.

Barcelona National prize 16, 182, 198 etc.

St. Vincent National prize 31, 112 etc.

Marseille National prize 13, 88 etc. 1st prize Semi-National

Narbonne National prize 153 etc.

Perpignan National prize 18, 24, 43 etc.

A total of 104 pigeons were basketed in 8 competitions and 56 prizes were won internationally


Ronald Geerdink flew with his Pepping pigeons in a phenomenal way from Barcelona!

2015 6 with 4 prizes

2016 8 with 3 prizes

2017 10 with 8 prizes

2018 10 entries 6 prizes

2019 10 entries 5 prizes

Of these 26 prizes, no fewer than 19 prizes were 1 in 10 !!


Some of the top pigeons from Ronald Geerdink are:

'De Barcelona' directly Jos Pepping 11 times long distance 10 prizes, 3 times prize from Barcelona with 16th National Barcelona


'De Boemerang' 10 times grand long distance and 10 prizes! Three out of three from Barcelona in a row: 182-285 and 652 National Barcelona and 56 National Perpignan


The 'Barca' directly Jos Pepping five times to Barcelona and five prizes in a row and father of the '719' with already 2 prizes one in ten from Barcelona


'The Perpignan hen' directly Jos Pepping four times in Barcelona, ​​four prizes in a row. 126 National Barcelona and 18 National Perpignan, 17 International hens and 54 International against 12,349 pigeons


The 'Marseille' 1st Semi-national Marseille (FBZ) and 13th National Marseille and 5 from 6 grand distance


The 'Barcelona hen' direct Jos Pepping won 3 times in a row in the first 450 National Barcelona

'Super' 3rd yearling of the tough Perpignan 2018 with 43rd National and 115 International Perpignan against 12.349 pigeons (line Cor de Heijde / Frans Bungeneers)


'SuperBOB' 3rd best pigeon in the Netherlands in 2018. Flew 56th National Agen in 2017 as a yearling. In 2018 99th National Pau, 31st National St. Vincent ZLU and then of the very heavy Perpignan the 24th National and 73rd International against 12.349 pigeons.

This made 'SuperBOB' 1st National Derby Pigeon ZLU 2018 and was subsequently placed in the breeding loft. At Agen yearlings ZLU 2019 two children of 'SuperBOB' were in the race and won the 78th national and the 332nd National!


Father of 'SuperBOB' is son 'Super Perpignan' with 12th Nat. Perpignan, 13th Nat. St. Vincent and 14th National Pau and mother won the 1st prize Cahors sector 2! What a class! 'SuperBOB naturally becomes the standard bearer of this exceptional sale.


Outside the 1st National Marathon in their own loft, 14 (Inter) National victories and / or Ace pigeons were achieved with pigeons from Ronald Geerdink. Arjan Beens and Nico Volkens are examples of this. (See reference list)


Jos Pepping's international branch is now under the hammer. The direct top pigeons, the entire racing and breeding team and all young pigeons from the 'SuperBOB', 'Barcelona', Perpignanduivin ',' Barca ',' Boemerang 'and so on.


The top selling of the long distance of 2019 will be fully handled this fall by TopPigeons, the international auction house of the marathon.

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