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Peet & Paloma Solleveld with top youngsters

Written by Top Pigeons - 11/17/2019

Auction Peet & Paloma Solleveld

Peet and Paloma Solleveld have been building a strong stock of pigeons every year in recent decades. They are owned by a fantastic racing team that could be assembled because there are proven racing and breeding pigeons in the breeding loft. These pigeons are selected on the basis of the descendants who can play in the head of the result on the National races. Another starting point is that the fanciers from whom these toppers from Maasdijk get their new acquisitions perform excellently themselves. In recent years, the newcomers mostly come from fanciers with whom they already have good experiences. The basic stock is partly built with pigeons from Wim Peeman, Hein Brassé and Roger Floorizone. This strain has been further built up with pigeons from various top fanciers. The breeding and racing lofts now also have a number of top pigeons that Peet got from his pigeon friend Piet de Vogel. Ao from his Cahors and also from breeding together with Piet. In 2019, Peet again performed well on the marathon races.


Super result on Cahors morning release 2019 !!!

On Cahors morning release in 2019, Peet Solleveld made a super result with 14 prizes from the 23 pigeons used. And against 2201 pigeons the following prizes were won: 21st NPO, 32nd NPO, 34th NPO, 47th NPO, 57th NPO, 85th NPO, 88th NPO. This means 7 pigeons in the Top 100 NPO Cahors 2019.

Super result on the one-day Argenton race !!!

Peet and his "fathers" participated in this and this with an overwhelming result. 22 fathers were basketed on this Argenton and no less than 15 were awarded prizes !! The Solleveld pigeons are real finishers and that is ideal for the beloved morning releases.

In the stock you can see pigeons from:

Luc van Coppenolle

Erik Limbourg

Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen

Dick de Leeuw (Van der Wegen and Ko van Dommelen)

A. Saarloos & Zn.

Marlon Kok

H. Wijnands & Zn.

Piet de Vogel

Peet and Paloma try to breed a new generation of racing pigeons that is even better than their parents and grandparents. They do this by crossing super pigeons with a very good background.

Peet and Paloma Solleveld bred youngsters from their best racers and breeders for this auction. As you are used to from Toppigeons and their pigeon friends.

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