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GEBR. HAGENS with 12 youngsters of the best

Written by Top Pigeons - 11/17/2019

The Hagens brothers have been performing at the top of the marathon world for decades. Over the years, the Hagens pigeons have also proven their breeding and racing value in many other lofts.

The Hagens brothers have laid a very strong foundation in their stock line. This is how pigeons came from Jan Theelen, Gebr. v.d. Weerdt, Gebr. Brugemann, Frans Bungeneers and Arjan Beens. In the meantime we can really speak of a real own stock of pigeons. At the base of this strain you see pigeons that have performed fanastically in their own loft. Hereby we mention a number of striking names such as: Sarina, Carcasonne, Sonja, Maxima, Bauer 014, De Rode Kweker, Kweker 42 and so on. If you are a marathon fancier then you must know these pigeons. In a slightly later phase many (new) toppers were added such as: Alejandro, Angelo and Gijs 7th Nat. Barcelona 2013.

Also in the racing lofts are a number of toppers such as: AngeliƱo, Fedde, Harry, Meghan, Mees, Bram, Seppe, Honey, Maud and so on.

In this sale on Top Pigeons you will see 12 young pigeons that have been specially bred for Top Pigeons. The 12 youngsters come from the best of the Gebr. Hagens. Use it to your advantage.

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