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Cees Nijdeken: a big marathon champion

Written by Top Pigeons - 11/25/2019

Cees Nijdeken, Topper from Het Overijsselse Rijssen,
sells from his best racers and breeders


In the Province Overijssel in the wooded area of Rijssen is a topper on the national afternoon release races, Cees Nijdeken. This fancier with regularity picks up early pigeons on these beautiful races over 900 km, of which there are many over 1.000 km (on his distance). Cees has a great loft of pigeons and a richly filled breeding loft with direct children of top pigeons from other good fanciers supplemented with their own top racers. In this coming auction of this sympathetic fancier only youngsters from this wonderful collection will be present.

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