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GERARD SCHALKWIJK: Bred & Raced 2 Internat. Ace Pigeons

Written by Top Pigeons - 12/3/2019

Gerard Schalkwijk; Marathon crack

from the middle of the Netherlands.



Owner of a unique stock of marathon pigeons suitable for the toughest work.

Breeder and player of 2 International Ace pigeons.

With the contribution of the best of Frans Bungeneers in his stock line on the way to the absolute international stock top!

Now with youngsters from the very best of his stock line on


Gerard Schalkwijk actually needs no further introduction to the pigeon world.

Together with his charming wife Katiuska, he runs the well-known pigeon company TRAVIPHARMA BV. With a lot of knowledge and entrepreneurship, a top company has been developed with a fantastic line of pigeon products, which are sold in many countries of the world. Much appreciated by many pigeon enthusiasts including countless toppers. .

Gerard is a top pigeon enthusiast who obtained the pigeon bacillus through the late father Ries and uncle Anton. The Schalkwijk family is a known name in the pigeon sport and Gerard but also cousin Raymond continued in this tradition!

Gerard focused on the extreme long distance from the early 2000s. And very successful. In no time he became a topper on the national NPO marathon flights. In 2003 already 10th National champion multi-day long distance! In 2009, the decision was made to focus more on the international ZLU classics, or the Hogeschool van de heavy fond sport.

He knew that he could only achieve this with top pigeons suitable for that discipline and for the skies on which he wanted to excel. Gerard plays internationally at a very large distance. Of these, the last few things often weigh the most. That's why he didn't rest before the best Barcelona blood in the world came to his lofts. With the introduction of the Frans Bungeneers pigeons, the real Barcelona blood came to the lofts. Whoever says Frans Bungeneers also Cor de Heijde. It is no public secret that the Bungeneers tribe is built with the best blood from the Klamper - Don Michel dynasty of Cor de Heijde.

Crossed with Gerard his old lines were built with, among other things, the well-known Van Houten and the direct Jelle Jellema - Barcelona blood the performance went up in a steep curve. It is actually inconceivable what this Frans Bungeneer contribution brought about in a short period for a quality explosion in the lofts of Gerard Schalkwijk!

I dare to state that he has reached the absolute international fund top. With two international ace pigeons, the name of Gerard Schalkwijk was definitively established among the international long distance elite.

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