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Toom family toppers in the extreme long distance

Written by Top Pigeons - 1/8/2020

Toom family

toppers in the extreme long distance

Bart and Sebastiaan Toom have been the beaters of the ZLU and NPO flights for years. Year after year, high-quality services are delivered. Even a 1st national has flown twice in sector 2. With the Tim they flew a 1st wet sector 2 on Cahors morning release and their Janko was of an even larger class. This won a 1st, 11th, 30th and 38th national.

The basis of their current pigeon stock comes from Jan and Hanne Sas from Belgium. The Sas family has mainly built up their pigeon stock with pigeons from Kurvers de Weerd. Sebastiaan only bought a small number of pigeons from Jan Sas and it soon turned out that the quality was great. One is the Messi, what a breeding wonder that is. He is the grandfather of the Janko, but we soon find the Messi in the performance pigeons of the Toom family.

The Tim, on the other hand, came from Tim Hage. Obtained on a receipt. Amazing, right. Bart and Sebastiaan did not enjoy him for long, because in his second year of life he did not return from a training. However, his brother was certainly no less and in crossing with the Sas pigeons a new batch of top racers emerged.

Bart and Sebastiaan have invested in the Jellema pigeons in recent years. A direct daughter from the Jill and a son from the MG430. There is no better way. These crossed into their own tribe must yield something special for the future.

A good pigeon is important, but the enthusiast and the accommodation are just as important. Give Sebastiaan a random pigeon and he wins a 1st national with it (Tim) or he wins the Golden Classic a few times in a row (pigeon from Wim Mudde in 2108 and a pigeon from Frank Oosterhof in 2019) How he manages it is a miracle, but it happens.

He will get a pigeon from Marlon Kok in 2018 and yes, he will be the best marathon long distance pigeon on the NPO races of the Netherlands as a yearling.

And then I haven't mentioned the Red Sas yet. After the successful pigeons of the Sas family, with which the men started, Sebastiaan thought that maybe he only had to get a few. The Red Sas came to Alblasserdam and this hen has already won the 51st nat Pau in 2019 and the 74th nat St Vincent ZLU in 2018.

In the auction we find descendants from the son MG430 from Jellema, the pigeons from Tim Hage and descendants from the ace pigeons from the various toppers of the Toom loft.

A loft of top pigeons that is unparalleled. A certain investment, because the men prove that every year with their pigeon stock.

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