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Loft Goorbergh & Couwenberg

Written by Top Pigeons - 1/8/2020




The men from Breda have specialized in the one day long distance discipline. That does not happen just like that, you need suitable pigeons for that.


The first pigeons came from Henri van den Berg. Top in this discipline for years with a small loft of pigeons. And they immediately achieved success. Suus is a direct one and is becoming the foundation mother of the loft. Her first descendant, Miss Unbelievable, immediately won a 1st and 7th NPO and then she was only a yearling. She went straight to the breeding to make the loft stronger in width.


Then they turned to Gerard Koopman. There was a preference for the old lines and those of Kleine Dirk. They were not cheap, but then you have something. Great pigeons such as Cleopatra and Nero came to Breda and have now proven that they can inherit.


They also quickly looked at the Vandenabeele pigeons and, following that, the descendants of the Harry of Jan Hooijmans.

Via Anton Ruitenberg descendants came from the 781 Vandenabeele line and from Hooijmans from the Beauty Harry and Jonge Harry, two superverevers at Hooijmans. The Casanova and Hera are exploits of this. Zeus is such a typical 781 descendant of Anton Ruitenberg.


Breeding was also done fairly quickly with Gertjan de Hoogh. Various descendants were born with the Biesmans and his children in combination with the G&C pigeons. Gertjan has such a great man in his Casanova loft with Mary An (daughter Biesmans * Klazientje) And that is not the only one.


All in all a great colony of pigeons and now the necessary super performances. It is going too far to list all those prices, but in Brabant 2000 everyone knows the Goorbergh & Couwenberg combination. And the performance only gets better. Willie Jan, who is so fanatical that it can't really be otherwise, but especially Paul, who has an enormous view of pigeons and who uses his breeders' links so that the youngsters get better every year. So investing now means lifting on the knowledge and power of this duo and also performing super on this wonderful discipline.


Good luck with your choice.

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